Perfumerías Primor was born from a family dream. Founded in 1953, it is a 100% family company that has been passed down from generation to generation with the same objective: to offer our clients any product or cosmetic treatment at an unbeatable price. In this way, at Perfumerías Primor we believe that beauty should be something affordable for everyone. Anyone deserves to take care of themselves, pamper themselves, and want to look their best version, and for that reason, we work very hard every day to make that possible.

Nowadays, Primor owns more than 250 stores across Europe, collaborating with leading beauty brands such as Dior, Channel, Mac Cosmetics, Nars, Olaplex, etc.

Corporative Design

As the lead graphic designer at Primor, I worked to manage, develop, and improve their corporative image through the integration of the design into every aspect of the company’s communication, both internally and externally.

The work showcased below was created for specific campaigns where the design could get more creative but always follow the same concept.

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